Vladimir Kush
Metaphorical Voyage DVD

DVD Trailer

Vladimir Kush is the founder of Metaphorical Realism. His paintings are highly sought after for their artistic value and intellectual representation, and he is often compared to the likes of Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Andre Breton and Max Ernst. This film is a journey through his metaphorical world of imagination and fantasy.
VLADIMIR KUSH and JAN LANGE present a KUSH FINE ART PRODUCTION in association with J.S.LANGE PRODUCTIONS film "METAPHORICAL VOYAGE" created by VLADIMIR KUSH produced BY JAN LANGE art by VLADIMIR KUSH animation by JAN LANGE music by BRIAN THOMAS LAMBERT sound effects by DAVID MIELOCH mastered by BRIAN THOMAS LAMBERT additional animation by IASOS creative consultants OLEG KUSH and MIKHAIL KUSH gallery music by ROBIN SILVER menu music by DAVID MIELOCH graphic design by MAXIM KOMPANEETS